From Victim, Police Cadet, and NYPD Officer: The Journey of Raveena Ramotar’s Life and Career

On March 16, 2012, 18-year-old Raveena Ramotar’s life significantly changed when her and her family were victims of a home invasion. As she made her way to the shower, she heard something that didn’t sound quite right. “Call the cops!” a family member screamed as she was about to hop into her bathtub.

Sensing that something was terribly wrong, she quickly rushed into her bathtub and called 911 to inform the police that her family is being held at gunpoint in their living room, as she hid going unnoticed by the perpetrators. Soon after, helicopters, a K9 unit, SWAT team, and about 60 police officers swarmed her house trying to save the lives of everyone inside the Ozone Park home that night. Her heroic actions didn’t go unnoticed. The NYPD was extremely impressed by the way she was able to keep herself cool and collected, while on the phone with the 911 operator, and how brave she was to jump out of her two story bathroom window in order to get out of the house and into the neighbor’s yard in time to notify them what was going on inside. She saved her entire family that night from being massacred in their own home, and it has drastically changed the way Raveena will view her life from here on out. (more…)

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